My camera makes noise. Lots of noise. Noise when you turn it on/off, noise when you focus, and noise when you take a picture. There is no being stealthy with this camera. It has bothered me for years. But the other day after making entirely too much noise while shooting pictures in a church, I went through all the settings to see if I could make it stop. And, yeah me!, I figured out how to make it be quiet.

So fast forward to between lectures today when I was bored and didn’t have my non-Canada compatible blackberry to entertain me. I decided to look at my pictures. As stated in other post they were lovely. I was proud. I decided to look at more menu options to see if there were even more things I could make my camera do that I didn’t know about.

Turns out that there is – I can make it reformat the memory card and erase all the pictures.

I stared at it open mouthed for a few seconds. I looked hopefully for some kind of UNDO. There isn’t one. I wondered why the button I pushed didn’t come with a warning that very clearly stated, “Hey Stupid! You are about the lose all your pictures. Are you sure that you want to do this?”

So after my lectures I set about trying to recreate some pictures. The best pictures I had are from the Biodome and the Botanical Gardens. There is no going back to them. They are too time intensive and they are expensive. The church that made me pay money for their corny and mean light show isn’t getting my money again either.

But I went back downtown and started shooting. I’m sure I looked like the worst kind of tourist. I was doing walk by and shoot without actually stopping to look any longer than it took to balance my Ben and Jerry’s Imagine Whirled Piece 2 scoop chocolate dipped waffle cone. Dumping that on the ground would have ruined my day even more. It reminded me of vacationing with the ex. He didn’t want to stop and see anything. He just wanted to take a picture and move on.

Tomorrow I’ll have time to redo most of the free fancy churches because they are all on the same road between the conference and my hotel. At least I’ll have a few pictures to remember Montreal by.