I’ve spent most of my adult life living with men who think my musical taste sucks. There has been no love for 80s pop. So I am overly proud to announce that I won a contest on Rachel’s blog where she asked what embarrassing piece of music she downloaded that day and the clue was that she was 14 in 1987. It was obvious to me that it had to be Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now.”

I got this reward in the mail yesterday.


I made the SO acknowledge that 80s music served me well. I considered contacting the ex just to say Na, na, na, na, na, na but he just annoys me more than it is worth.

I wasn’t the only one with happy food yesterday. I brought home a new bag of dog food last night. Freckles is in love. She was jumping up and down in excitement. She laid on the floor next to it and gazed at it adoringly. There was food left over from her breakfast in her bowl but that was OLD FOOD and therefore couldn’t be eaten since there was new food in the house. She didn’t even get dinner since she didn’t finish breakfast in protest of being fed from the old bag. She finally ate this morning and got fed the rest of the old bag of food. Poor thing. She must have been hungry enough to overcome principles because she ate it. That means NEW FOOD for dinner. The old food and the new food are exactly the same but I’m sure she will be ecstatic!