I have an announcement to make.  I was going to save it for Fitness Tuesday but next Tuesday is some holiday or something and you might miss it.

My father is a runner. He’s a hard core one. He’s been trying for years to get me to run a 5K with him. Nope, not happening. I keep telling him that he’d have to run backwards in circles around me to slow down his pace to match mine. He said he’d do it. I say no.

But then I was on Pinterest the other night. I saw a pin about the best themed races and I looked at it just to see. My mouth dropped open. I messaged him on Facebook immediately and told him we have our race. I took a Saturday in August 2013 off work. I’m ready.

This is a 5K obstacle race. I’ve always wanted to do one of those but this has a twist. You are wearing a belt with three flags on it. During the course of the race, zombies are trying to steal your flags!!!

And then, are you sitting down?, you can sign up to run the race and then afterwards they will do your makeup and you get to be a zombie! That makes me giddy.

I’m in training now. I’ve run twice this week. By August I should be ready.


I love that movie (so sad about the Twinkies). I also love Shawn of the Dead. I like my zombie movies funny. World War Z is one of my favorite books ever. I had recently decided that I wanted to be killed by zombies quickly because trying to fight zombies goes on forever and never gets better but only avoiding them for 3 miles sounds ok.