I was able to get all my scrapbook stuff bundled up and moved over the SO’s house. I swear if we do not kill each other before I get moved in it will be a miracle. I think that we are both working so much on getting things cleared out and moved out and cleaned up in both houses that if we aren’t insane we are getting close to the brink. We finally had it out yesterday. It was a rational conversation which I always follow up with hysterical sobbing. After all that calmed down and we made up I said I felt better. He nuzzled up to me and whispered so sweetly, “You aren’t entirely off the hook yet.” I didn’t kick him which I am counting as a sign of maturity.

I have most of my sewing stuff packed up.



There is no after because that would be blank room. It isn’t as bad as it looks because it was pretty much organized by finished project. I haven’t been sewing down here so when I finish something I pile the fabric I used on the table. It was mostly a matter of just putting it back where it belonged. I haven’t found the one thing I was looking for though. In 2006 I bought a Pomeranian pattern. I haven’t seen it since. I figured it was around and I’d find it when I moved. No luck yet. I did buy a new cutting table for the new house since this one was ancient when I scrounged it and it is now concave right in the area where I’d be cutting.