I’m going to get a Halloween costume this year. Apparently Halloween is a big deal in the neighborhood I’m moving to. I’ve never lived anywhere where trick or treating happened so I decided that I must have a costume.

A Halloween store just opened near my work so I stopped in today. The main selection for women seemed to be hoochie mama/whore. If I wore that I’d scare the children. They even had some adult female costumes behind the counter like teenage boys were going to explode if they saw them.

I did finally find some that I would at least try on but I haven’t been blown away yet. I did decide that I need a wig. If it is worth doing it is worth doing right.

While I was browsing I heard a voice say, “Oh God. You look so scary! Oh, wait, you aren’t wearing a costume.” It was a friend of mine who had moved out of state a few years ago and recently moved back. I hadn’t seen her in a long time and abuse is the first thing she heaps on me. LOL. So she asked me how I was. I said that after she left my life turned into a soap opera. She said, “You’re still married, right?” I answered, “Technically…” That lead to a brief summary of the last year.

When I was leaving the store her husband said goodbye and added laughing, “Hey, let us know if anything…or I don’t know…interesting or significant….maybe…..might happen in your life.” Smart a$$.