The SO lives near interesting neighbors. Most of them are huge liberals. But one is a current state representative who I talked to when I went to Lobby Day for Equality two years ago. He is a conservative Republican. Apparently the neighbors spend a lot of time yelling at him.

Anyway, last night the SO said that the next door neighbors are having a fundraiser/meeting with our congressional representative and we are invited. I don’t think he expected me to react so vehemently.

Yesterday I heard an ad for a candidate I didn’t know about who proudly stated that he was anti-gay marriage, pro-gun (had an A rating from the NRA), and on the wrong side of just about every issue I care about. I was really hoping he was in a race I was voting on so I could vote against him. He was in fact on my ballot. What shocked me was that he was the DEMOCRATIC candidate. Little ole conservative/moderate me is more liberal than a Democrat.
—by Me written on 11/7/2006

Yep, that’s the guy I’m invited to a fundraiser for. I’m still mad about that ad. Whenever I see a sign with his name on it I start to fume. I want to make a sign and picket outside while the party is going on. I’ll let it just be my way of formally introducing myself to the neighborhood.