I don’t want to you think that I’ve given up on the decluttering. I did get off track for a while but I got a major kick in the pants over the weekend. My real estate agent said she wanted to come over and measure the rooms. That was fine. But then she left a message that mentioned photographing the rooms to post on the online listing. When I got done laughing, I called her back and rescheduled for the end of the month and then went nuts.

I said before that I had three major disaster areas. This is the second. It is my basement where all my craft stuff is. This is my scrapbook area. It is a super mess because I just finished a marathon scrapbooking week and I didn’t put anything back because I knew I’d be going through it all in a bit anyway.


The scary thing about this is that most of this stuff is moving with me. I can’t just start loading it into garbage bags for Goodwill. So today I took 20 minutes and pulled everything off the shelves and sorted it into categories (including a large amount of trash). Yes, the room now looks even worse since there are more piles around. There was a lot of “I forgot all about this” moments. Once it is all sorted then I can box it up to move in an organized fashion so it is easy to reassemble at the new house.

Time frame – I want it all moved this weekend

Now if you really want to see a disaster imagine turning a quarter turn to your left in that picture and look at the former quilting area. Even I’m not ready to face that place yet.