I planned to go to a fun show today. It rained all night and I realized as I was getting ready this morning that that meant that there would be MudMudMud! After last week’s show in the mild mud I figured Prize would meltdown when faced with real mud.

She did not want to go today. She took one….step….at….a….time….. out of the pasture. She fussed about going in the trailer. Then we got there and they ended up cancelling the show because of the mud.

I led Prize out into the ring while they were debating what to do. She sunk into the mud up to her fetlocks in places. Surprisingly this was less upsetting to her than damp ground last week. I swear I will never understand that horse.

After that I went show clothes shopping. My last two shows of the season are formal shows and my show shirt and jacket don’t fit anymore. The shirt is too small and the jacket is too big. Go figure. Hunt jackets are made for people with no chests so despite my excitement about fitting into 12s now in real clothes I fit into a size 18 hunt coat. But I think my old one is a 24 or 26 so it is still an improvement. I had the husband with me and he held up a size 24 coat and asked, “Were you really that big?” Yes, dear, thank you for either not noticing or having amnesia.

I’m trying to figure out the technorati tag thing. I keep putting their code in my posts but my posts never show up in their lists. I think it is a scam. Any words of wisdom from technorati geniuses out there?