Every since we moved here I’ve been thinking about planting a windbreak. In the winter the winds are incredibly strong. The wind on a quiet day can rattle the windows.

Planting a windbreak is an exercise in hope and frustration. The trees that you hope will someday protect your house are labelled “protect from strong winds.” Well if I could do that I wouldn’t need the trees.

The area that we need to cover with this windbreak is large. I’m imagining a mixed pine and spruce border in the back with deciduous trees and shrubs in front. The total amount of work to be done and money to be spent is so huge that it is hard to get started.

Today though I planted the first three spruce trees. They were on an end of the season sale at a nursery. I grabbed the three least Charlie Brown Christmas-like trees. The are planted now on the west side of my house. They are about 18 inches tall but very full. They look so little out there now. I just have to wait 20 years and they will be a useful part of the windbreak.