Dreaming of France Meme Eiffel

We visited the Marc Chagall Museum in Nice. It was a bit of a walk from our hotel but not difficult.

“The museum was created during the lifetime of the artist, with the support of the Minister of Culture André Malraux, and inaugurated in 1973.[1] It is also known as the “National Museum Marc Chagall Biblical Message” (“Musée national message biblique Marc Chagall”) as it houses the series of seventeen paintings illustrating the biblical message, painted by Chagall and offered to the French State in 1966. This series illustrates the books of Genesis, Exodus and the Song of Songs.” – from Wikipedia

They had a free audio set you could get that gave very detailed explanations of each painting. It was too detailed. I didn’t listen to the full explanation of any of them.

I really liked this stained glass window.

When we wanted to leave it was raining so we watched a lot of the hour long movie on his life. It was all in French so the husband said he learned that “Marc Chagall was a man who lived through a lot of different styles of clothing” and “He kept himself busy.”

I’ve been working through the pictures I’ve taken bit by bit to make digital scrapbook pages. This is the one I made for this museum.

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