I decided today to go out and get some culture so I visited a museum. Actually, I was driving past yesterday and saw that they had a First Ladies exhibit that closes tomorrow so I decided to go. I always feel sorry for First Ladies. They have their lives totally upended by some crazy whim of their husbands.

I’d never been to this museum in spite of spending a lot of time at the next door fairgrounds. It was a great museum. It is devoted mainly to state history in the permanent exhibits. I learned a lot. The First Ladies exhibit was very good too. They had some of the dresses from the Smithsonian. It was no photography in that area unfortunately.

There was a display of quilts so I got some photos of that. I’m not a huge antique quilt fan since I tend to go for loud and obnoxious colors. But one quilt was amazing.


It is just a simple nine patch set on point but look at the detail picture.


Those nine patches are tiny! I think they are about 1.5 inches finished. It must have taken forever to make by hand.

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  1. Julia,

    I have a friend that I quilt with that I am convinced is going to cut her fingers off with the rotary cutter someday. I’ve finally decided not to watch when she cuts. You can’t be worse than that!

    Good luck with your quilt. I can’t wait to see pictures on your blog.

  2. I went to that same museum a few weeks ago with my boyfriend. Believe it or not, we didn’t look at the first ladies exhibit. The boyfriend was getting a little bored with the flower exhibit and really wanted to go home. Sigh. I told him from now on I would either go to museums with my mom or by myself!

    Oh – and reading your blog has made me want to make a quilt, so I finally started today. I almost killed my grandma with how bad I was at cutting the fabric. She really looked stressed out by my poor cutting skills. I can’t wait to see how sewing goes tomorrow!

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