In my last post I said that I don’t like buying whole CDs if I don’t know if I am going to like the songs. While I was thinking about that I went to look at Calabash Music. It is a world music site that has some free downloads. While there I followed a few links and hit the motherlode!

Check this out! Spin the Globe is a weekly world music radio show out of Washington. Not much use to me since I don’t live anywhere near there and I have the slowest internet connection on Earth so I can’t listen to them online. But go here –playlists– and there is a list of every show they’ve had. They have themes like sacred music or music from African islands etc. Under each of those they have at least one free and legal download! And they have weekly playlists since 2000. Well, the year 2000 doesn’t seem to have mp3 but that’s still a lot of music. With the slowest internet connection on Earth it will literally take me until I die to download everything that looks interesting here.

Then it gets even better. Just in case I’m still alive when I finish with those they have a page to links with other world music mp3s.

I’ve already checked out Benn loxo du taccu, a blog with mp3s of African music. I am absolutely giddy! I love African music but I have no idea what artists I would like. With some descriptions I can judge if I might like the song and then try it out. Or just feel adventurous and download away!