I’ve been trying to teach good sportsmanship here. Here’s a test. When you are playing a video game with your beloved wife, who you have pledged to love until death do you part and she beats you, the correct reponse is:

A: You got SO lucky.
B: Die, bitch, die!
C: Silently place your hands around her throat and squeeze
D: That was fun honey. Thank you for playing with me. Let’s do it again sometime.

Let’s just say that answer D has not been used here. I have been modeling good sportsmanship when he beats me. I have not once threatened his life.

We got part of the basement cleaned out. I fell for a classic misdirection ploy. After the husband agreed to help me clean he said that deadbeat contractor was coming on Sunday to clean out the lumber and drywall so it could go in the trash today. So I decide to wait until Sunday when the major trash is gone so I can clean my area.

Right. What was I thinking? Deadbeat contractor never showed up. So by Sunday afernoon I’m mad. I make the husband help clean up the rabbit area. There is nothing else we can do until the other stuff is out of there. That was a big job. Rabbit hair and drywall dust and who knows what else. All hard to sweep and vaccuum. But we got my future yoga/meditation room emptied out.

Here’s how I envision it someday. Imagine half of a full basement. That is going to be my sewing area. Walk through that and you come to an alcove. The opening is half the width of the larger room. I see it walled off for privacy. I want built in bookcases across the long wall at least. Maybe on the others too if that doesn’t take up too much room. I see a chair for reading and an altar space. I want a place where I can go and wall myself off for privacy.

I don’t see that being built anytime in the near future so for now I am happy that it is cleared out. I want to work on an altar but I only want to use things on it that I feel drawn to. I’m willing to take my time and look for things. Now that I think about it my living room coffee table would be good. It is a chest with a flat top. I could cover it seasonal quilts. I could store the quilts inside it. It is the right height. I just need to get a new table for the living room. I can see this starting to be an expensive project, i.e. Now that we have a new coffee table maybe we should replace the couch that I set on fire….

I did see the coolest thing at Global Gallery. (Can’t find a picture on the site though.) It is a candle holder. It holds four tealights in front of a carving of a tree with some birds. Great if I was a druid. I love that store. It is fair trade crafts from around the world. I’ve bought some jewelry there. I like wearing things that have a story. There are also a lot of candle holders, incense burners, bowls, shawls, blankets, pillows, toys, books, and CDs. I keep wanting to buy CDs but I’m so out of the habit of buying full CDs. I hardly ever like a full CD. I hate wasting the money on songs I might not like.