I started the morning with getting a pedicure at the local vo-tech school. The best $6.36 I spend.


Then I had sewing day where I managed to finish the first row of the quilt I need to get done for my tech’s mother for Christmas.


I went to see Prize. It was an icky rainy day so I just went over to give treats. The farm has a strict treat equality policy. If you bring treats for your horse you have to have treats for everyone. Prize loves peppermint treats. That’s an understatement actually. The term most commonly used in relation to Prize and peppermint treats is “crack wh0re.” Thug may be more accurate. She accosted a lady at a show just because the woman still smelled of peppermint treats that she had in her jacket the day before. All this is background to say that she was excited to see her human with treats but it went straight to “Oh HELL NO!” when I started passing them out to her pasture buddies. Then I was trying to take her picture. That is usually hard because she wants to push buttons on the camera instead of standing back and posing. Add in treat hysteria and I couldn’t get a good shot. I told her if she didn’t behave I was posting a bad one on the blog. Here it is –


That’ll show her.