I was minding my own business at a store today when a lady came up and greeted me Unfortunately the name she used wasn’t mine. She was convinced that I was her daughter’s algebra teacher. I tried to convince her that I wasn’t but she wasn’t buying it. I wanted to ask her if she didn’t think that I would know if I was her kid’s teacher. Besides if I was, shouldn’t I be in school at 1:00 in the afternoon?

Finally she accepted that I wasn’t who she thought I was. Then she was suspicious. “Well, how do I know you?” I admitted that I was a vet. She pointed at me and said triumphantly, “Yes, you’re my dog’s vet! I need to make an appointment. He has a rash and I’ve been using medicine that you gave me two years ago which is expired and it isn’t working. I probably need new. You think I should bring him in?”

Uh, yes? She seemed satisfied with that. I warned the staff that a confused lady may be calling to make an appointment for a skin problem. Either that or she’d be bringing in the kid for algebra help.