I like reading about dream analysis.  I think it would be fun to be a person who records her dreams in a pretty dream journal.  Then I would reflect on them and their deeper meanings.

Here’s my problem. Whenever you read dream books the dreams are always a paragraph. They are simple. I don’t have paragraph dreams.  I have tv shows. They are long. They are vivid and detailed. If I tried to write down just what I remember I’d spend half the day.

An example from last night with most of the detail left out:

I was going to marry an alien. He was in human form but I think that wasn’t his natural state. I wasn’t sure what it was. I hadn’t been to his home world and I got the feeling he was leaving some big detail out. But I was ok with that. I was packing to go and I had a sister that was going to. She didn’t know her alien. We packed a trunk of stuff and then we found out that we could only take a few more things in cylinder shaped bags. I was worried about my sewing stuff. I found out that we didn’t need any clothes. Then it turned out that my alien was some kind of royalty. I tried to explain it all to my sister but she wouldn’t listen. I found out from listening to one of the bodyguards that the planet was a swamp and they all lived in water. I pretended that I already knew that to fool my parents. Then we went to Kroger and there was a fiberglass orca on the roof. Bad aliens came out of it. I tried to warn people but a teenage boy got taken over. I got his mother in my car safely. And on and on.

My subconscious is a scary place. Maybe I don’t need to explore it. But that dream from last night had multiple scene changes and a huge background cast. My dreams always do.  If the details are significant in dream interpretation I’d have to write a book.  So am I weird or do most people not have paragraph dreams?

Personally, I think last night’s dream just means I’ve been watching too much Doctor Who.