My home internet quit working yesterday. I tried all the tricks that customer service has told me before with no luck. So I called today.

I am signed up for automatic payment. Hence my suprise when they say I have a huge pastdue balance. I questioned how that could be. Seems that when they process an automatic payment they automatically mark it as paid and THEN they contact the bank for payment. Somehow in April the contact the bank for payment step started getting skipped. But that’s ok since the bill was already marked paid so I still had service and no one ever seemed to notice that they weren’t getting any money. Eventually someone noticed this problem. They put in a disconnect notice. No where in any of this was I ever contacted.

I asked why no one contacted me. They got uppity and asked why I never contacted them and told them that I wasn’t paying. It didn’t occur to me to look since everything seemed hunky dory. The guy realized he was being stupid and said that, “It seems like all parties here dropped the ball on this one.” Whatever.

So now I have to wait a few days to get it turned on again. The other interesting part of it is that they claim to have turned it off at the pole on November 7. Amazing since I worked on the internet all day on November 10. I don’t think they have the best record keeping at that company.

Then I headed to the grand opening of a shoe store. I love shoes. I specifically need new boots. I wore my last pair out last winter. All the boots there that didn’t have heels higher than 3 inches were made of suede. I don’t know about other people but I plan on wearing my boots in nasty weather. Suede is ruined the first time you walk through a slush puddle. Why do they make boots out of such useless material? I’m sure there are some sprays that are supposed to help but why? Why not just boots out of water resistant material to start with? The had some decorative ankle boots that had the fabric gathered across the top of the foot and buttoned on the side. Between the buttons were huge gaps. You better only wear those on pavement on a sunny day in July or all manner of wetness or grass or small animals will be crawling in those holes since they start at the sole and rum up the foot. In my next life I’m going to be a shoe maker who makes logical but cool looking shoes that come from the store comfortable and weather proof. No having to buy extra insoles to make them bearable or having to wear bandaids on your heels!