Remember the quilts I’m making for my friend who is having twins? Remember how I made them very simple because I have to have them done in a few months when I go visit her?
Remember that great plan?

I got a call this afternoon saying that since both she and I would be at our parents’ houses for Thanksgiving (we both live in different states from where we grew up together) that her mother is going to have a baby shower the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That’s two weeks from today!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Ok, I thrive on tight deadlines. That will be my mantra. If I finish the second top by Tuesday then maybe my friend with the long arm machine can take them home with her and quilt them. If she can get them by next weekend then I can pick them up and bind them before we leave on Thursday. Oh, yeah, I’m taking a class from 9-5 next Saturday and Sunday so working on it on my days off is right out. If she can’t quilt them then I can tie them because my machine is having a mental breakdown when it comes to free motion right now.

Thankfully I picked easy designs because I was feeling lazy!