When I first saw ASMR ambiance rooms on YouTube I totally did not get it.  I couldn’t figure out why people would sit and watch a video that doesn’t change a bunch for hours.  I was clueless.  It took me a while to realize that it is background noise that you can use for your life.  Even then I dismissed it.  I’m a person who prefers to have silence over noise.  I don’t turn on the TV or music just to have it on. But now I’m obsessed.  What changed?

I realized that I could block out the noise I don’t like with noises that I do.  (Wow, I must be slow on the uptake.)

I started using it specifically to block out the husband’s snoring.  I had to upgrade to bluetooth headphones after a few too many near-strangulation/iPad crashes on the floor accidents.  Now blissfully listen to whatever I want while he snores away. (Now I get messages like “Your screen time last week averaged 11 hours a day.”  Yeah, but I was asleep for most of it.  Don’t judge me!)

I started out with rain sounds.

I realized quickly that I’m a water person.  My favorites have some kind of water sounds usually.  I’m not one to like library scenarios usually with fire crackling and pages turning.  There are a lot of great ones out there but I’m a particular fan of Miracle Forest for her quirky sounds that I would have never imagined I wanted to hear.

Need an underwater temple with monks chanting softly in the background?

How about winter tea time?

This elf village is all about the waterfalls

Now I’m listening to them all the time.  I found out I have different needs for reading vs. sleeping.  My favorite reading one is everything I said I didn’t like for sleeping.

There are so many great ones that I’m getting too many favorites to give them all the love they need.  The God of Sleep, who is a purring cat.  Dinosaurs in a jungle.  Krampus trudging through the snow to carry off bad children. I don’t even look at any other channels now because there is so much to love here. Be sure to check out her How I Make My Videos which she had to make to prove to YouTube that she wasn’t stealing content. It is very cool.

Does anyone else use these to block out the world?