I spent the morning autopsying my friend’s dog. This is the same family that had the two dogs with signs of poisoning last Saturday. I wrote about them and their miraculous recoveries.

They got up this Saturday and found another of their dogs unconscious just like last week. This was a border collie and I think the smaller size was her downfall. She died last night.

I took samples of everything. I don’t know what answers I can get.  You have to know what you are looking for in order to test. I’m going to call the toxicologist tomorrow to chat.

The house is back from the road. There are lots of trees that separate the road and the farm. They found a path from the road through the trees to the farm buildings. They filed a police report after Tiki died.

There are horses, cattle (including several bulls), geese, and cats on the farm and they are all fine. If it was environmental you’d think that someone else would get sick. They should get sick close to the same time too. Way too much of a coincidence that both times they found the dogs on Saturday morning.

Next Friday all the dogs will spend the night inside. The male humans are planning to spend the night outside.