I am surprised, no, I’m flat out shocked, that no one has marketed crutches and a wheelchair as the ultimate fitness tools. I’m no longer on pain meds for my injury. I’m taking advil now to help with the soreness in my arms.

I’m having to alternate between mobility devices because my poor flabby muscles can’t handle continuous use of one or the other. The crutches work my triceps until my arms would like to fall off. They also rub against my sides when I swing them and now my sides are sore. That is probably due to poor crutches form and I am trying to improve my technique.

Rolling the wheelchair on smooth surfaces isn’t hard at all but most of my house is carpeted. That is some work. It is actually working my pecs and the muscles on the sides of my armpits. Could this be it? The magical forced exercise that gets rid of my fat armpits? If so, I’m making an infomerical!