A few months ago I was wandering around the web and stumbled across a call for submissions for a short story anthology about science and sexuality.  My first thought was “I know about science!”

Take a moment to consider how much of a geek I must truly be.

So, anyway, I decided to try writing a short story just to see if I could do it and because while reading the synopsis of the anthology an idea popped into my head for a story.  I’ve dabbed with it for the last few months.  The science part was going well.  I was happy with it.  I was never really happy with the sex part.  I thought it was sort of boring.  But the deadline came so I sent it off.  I figured it was a good exercise.

I found out this morning that it is going to be published in the book!  I submitted it under a fake name.  It is bad enough when my clients say I saw you on Jeopardy! (I was a rerun this weekend I found out) but I really don’t want to hear if they are reading my naughty story.  I haven’t told the SO yet.  We’ve had plumbers here all morning who took a simple repair and managed find all kinds of other problems.  I haven’t quite found the right moment to sit him down and say, “So, honey, I’ve gone into porn.”

I guess this means that I won’t be running for president anytime soon.  Even with a fake name these things always come out…

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  1. ROFL!!! Will you at least tell us the name of the book when it comes out, so we can play “guess which story was written by YOU!”????? *grin*

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