We have angered the plumbing gods. The house was built in the 1890s so it has been retrofitted for such new fangled stuff as plumbing and electric. The downstairs bathroom sink has had a slow drain forever. The SO decided to have that fixed and while he had plumbers out he wanted to fix the washing machine. Whoever put that in didn’t bother to put the drain into the sewer line. They just had it draining into a hole in the floor. There was also a drip in the pipe over the washing machine that required a bucket to stay on the machine. If I timed it right I could get a drip in my ear while loading the machine.

Plumber number one came and fixed all the washing machine stuff. He then said that there was a clog in the drain (no kidding?) and it required a different guy. Plumber number two came and fixed the clog. We ran water in the drain and were amazed by the speed of the draining. It doesn’t take much to amuse us.

Then I tried to take a bath. There was only lukewarm water. I drained the tub and went into the basement to investigate. The water from the tub was draining into the basement. That was new. All we can figure is that banging around on the pipes loosened stuff on the other side.

Hopefully the plumbers are coming back today. Maybe the clog was an offering to the plumbing gods and they are angry that it is gone. I’ll put it back if it gets me hot water!