Art by Yosua Bungaran Cahya Putra

I’m really glad this blog event exists or else I might forget to read enough sci-fi.
Last year during November I read:

During the rest of the year I read:

That’s… not good. Maxine Justice was a re-listen to the audiobook because I knew my husband would like it so we read it together.

Then October came around and the first reminders of sci-fi month came out. I realized that I had hardly read anything and went on a requesting frenzy at the library. Of course they all came in at once. So since the beginning of October I read:

A Rip Through Time was another re-listen with the husband. Then I read Starter Villain on vacation and knew within the first few chapters that he would love that one too. I got a copy of the audiobook that we listened to on our drive back from vacation.