Freckles has many fine qualities but being observant isn’t one of them. If you want to rob my house come on over. Try not to wake her up. We’d hate to have her beauty rest disturbed.

We hired a yard service to clean up the back yard. This house was owned by a woman who died unexpectedly several years ago. No yard work has been done since. There were years worth of leaves on the ground and all other kinds of debris. Today they came to haul it all away.

I noticed them first. There were several people. About 15 minutes later Freckles went ballistic. She had just noticed.

Then the SO told her that there was a strange man on the deck. You know, the deck, on the other side of the big glass doors, a few feet away from where she was sleeping. A guy with a leaf blower. It took her 5 minutes to see him and raise the alarm.

Bless her heart, she tries.

3 Replies to “My Watchdog”

  1. Reminds me of my two dogs. One is curious and always runs to “discover the world”, the other one takes about 5 minutes to realize that the doorbell is ringing, and when he does eventually wake up, he sounds the alarm:)

  2. Ha! Poor Freckles! 🙂 Puck thinks he’s a guard dog too except he’s always trying to say hi to what he’s barking at…whether it’s a stranger in the yard (me walking in from a run) or a leaf blowing by.

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