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New beginnings

Check out the new theme! I know most people are probably reading this in a RSS feed but come on over and see the new summery design. If you are on a feed aggregator here’s a summery shot to tide you over.


Guess what this is.


192 identical 4.5 inch half-square triangles. I can’t believe it did it. I’m a scrap quilter. I don’t make identical anything. But this quilt needs it to be identical. Stay tuned to see what they turn out to be…

(That was the planned end of this post. But as I was outside taking a picture of 192 quilt blocks on the pathway, the neighbor showed up to do some work the SO hired him to do. I’ve only met this guy once. He seemed to find it strange that I was taking pictures of weird things in the yard. Oh well, how else am I going to earn the strange neighbor title? In this neighbor I’m afraid that I’m going to have to do something much weirder.)


  • Nan

    Nice job on the Blog, Heather. Nice job on the stick-to-it-ive-ness as well! I’m pretty sure that IS a word…)

  • Pat T.

    Enjoy reading your blog – the marigolds photo just says summer! I also read about your Snowball…we have gone through the same thing with 4 of our pooches over the years – it never gets easier, only more difficult. Each is so special in their own way. Thank you for visiting my own blog. The story of your pea harvesting pooch is priceless!

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