Let’s review:

1. I have two (ok, three) quilts in progress that I intended to donate for Yule. They are not done. They are not even nearly done. Yule is a week from today.

2. I have a monster quilt that I need to get done in January. I’m saying January so I for sure get it done by February. March at the latest. It is for my brother’s wedding in April but the shower will be earlier.

3. To meet my self made goal of making something to donate for every pagan holiday I need to donate something during January/February too.

4. I found out this morning that my pregnancy-obsessed co-worker’s daughter is pregnant again. I made her a quilt last year for her first kid. I’ll probably make one for this kid. It is due in May.

So, what did I do today? I decided to learn to knit socks.

Yep, I added a whole new hobby to the list. In my defense I knew we were going to have a few hours of downtime this afternoon. I decided to spend it productively by learning to knit socks. I got a book and some yarn and tried it out. It took me a while to learn to handle 4 needles at once without poking myself. But I started to make good progress after 3 or 4 false starts. The people at work were majorly impressed that I was making a sock. I worked on it for a few hours and I thought I was making good progress. I was just congratulating myself on this when one of the co-workers came past and noted that I wasn’t going very fast. She said that she could have gone to the store and bought me a whole pack of socks in the time I had spent. (I decided not to tell her how many pairs of socks she could have gotten me for the price of the book, needles, and wool.) She then asked if there was some sort of sense of satisfaction I was getting from making a sock. She seemed doubtful about that prospect. This is the same so-worker who was all excited about the quilts for her and her grandkid. Wonder if she knew how many hours those took?