3 Replies to “New kitten”

  1. *chuckle* Oh, I know that. But it’s the fact that folks seem bound and determined lately to make me long for another “baby” in the house. (The kiddo’s arguing for giving away one of our adult dogs and getting a puppy, since her Daddy’s allergic to cats. I keep reminding the kiddo that our two adult dogs are housebroken, and I’m NOT housebreaking another mutt any time soon. *wink*)

    So, ok…. It wasn’t YOU with the kitten, but it’s YOU posting her on your blog. *grin*

  2. I’m not the one taking her home. LOL. Actually she’s staying with the person in the picture. Riley would be horrified if I brought a new kitten into his domain.

  3. *chuckle* What is it with folks showing pics of their new “babies” lately??? My mom went and got a puppy this weekend (rather unplanned, and I didn’t have a CLUE). Gina got a kitten last week (though admittedly, she hasn’t shared pictures yet, that I know of) and here you are with a kitten. I’m totally jealous. She’s an adorable little beast.

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