Z rode a horse for the first time yesterday.  She has never shown an interest before.  We took her to see the horses at the barn and decided that if she wasn’t scared she could ride Prize.  I would lead and the SO would hold her so it would be safe.  I was on my way out to get Prize out of the pasture when she decided to ride a horse who was already saddled up.  They led her around and she liked it.  Now I have to get her a helmet so she can ride more if she is going to be interested.

The barn owners said that they had groomed Prize some.  They seemed to think that I hadn’t brushed her.  I explained that I had been there and brushed her but that she is a pig.  They didn’t seemed convinced.  Then I brought her in.  She looked like she hadn’t been groomed in a month.  They were shocked!  They kept saying, “We brushed her yesterday…” in wonder.  Then they noted that it is under freezing and there shouldn’t be any mud to wallow in.  But the fact is that the horse was covered in mud – possible or not.