We were getting ready to wrap presents yesterday and couldn’t find the tape.  I had just had it.  I picked it up from the ottoman and moved it to…. somewhere….  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  We looked all around.  It was gone.

The SO took me by the shoulders and said softly, “Sometimes as we get older…”  I protested that I wasn’t senile, I had the tape and it got sucked into another universe by a stray wormhole.  He didn’t accept that as a more likely scenario for some reason.  I asked Powder if she’d seen it and he said that it wasn’t nice to blame a cat.

He went to the neighbors to borrow tape.  When he returned the tape was sitting triumphantly on top of the packages.  He asked where I found it.  I pointed out that there was someone that we hadn’t asked.  Riley.

Yep, he was laying on top of the tape on the couch.  It is always a good idea to at least question (if not blame) the cat.

2 Replies to “Tale of the Tape”

  1. My husband always says, if you put a cat in a large empty room with nothing but a postage stamp on the floor, you can be sure that the cat will sit on the postage stamp.

    Happy Winter Solstice!

  2. Every time we lose something we look under the cat. For some reason she likes to sit on things and it seems like maybe she isn’t the only one. One of the oddest stories of this was when our cat sat on a visitor’s cellphone. It began to ring and vibrate but she was acting like she wasn’t even aware of it.

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