We were getting ready to wrap presents yesterday and couldn’t find the tape.  I had just had it.  I picked it up from the ottoman and moved it to…. somewhere….  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  We looked all around.  It was gone.

The SO took me by the shoulders and said softly, “Sometimes as we get older…”  I protested that I wasn’t senile, I had the tape and it got sucked into another universe by a stray wormhole.  He didn’t accept that as a more likely scenario for some reason.  I asked Powder if she’d seen it and he said that it wasn’t nice to blame a cat.

He went to the neighbors to borrow tape.  When he returned the tape was sitting triumphantly on top of the packages.  He asked where I found it.  I pointed out that there was someone that we hadn’t asked.  Riley.

Yep, he was laying on top of the tape on the couch.  It is always a good idea to at least question (if not blame) the cat.