The husband left this morning to go visit the evil mother-in-law so I have the weekend to myself! I have plans. I am going to enjoy my plans. I am considering shutting off my cell phone so no one can interrupt my plan for a weekend of total and complete selfishness.

1. I am going to finish my cat quilt top. I only have two blocks left to make and then I can put it together.

2. I am going to make the “reject” quilt top. I made several starts on the cat quilt before I found pieced borders I like so I have all the rejects. I also have lots of small blocks that are extras from the border I did make. They are all the same colors so I’ve decided to put them together randomly in a lap quilt for charity.

3. I rented 4 CDs from the library for background music while I do the sewing. I usually can’t listen to music that I don’t absolutely love unless I’m busy doing something else. If I don’t love a song immediately my hand automatically skips to the next. But these CDs will be playing in another room and my hands will be busy, so it will be hard to interrupt the playing. I got Japanese, African, and South American CDs.

4. In an example of very poor planning, I watched all my Netflix DVDs with no time to get replacements. So I rented a few movies from the library.

5. Outback Bowl – Go Vols!!!

6. I may go see a movie and try to spend a gift certificate tomorrow if I’m feeling very energetic.