The universe has made it abundantly clear today that it does not want me to move back north. Financially, the choice is a no brainer. The money is better. There is less competition. Housing costs are way lower. But a niggling part of my brain (which was getting louder and louder the more I tried to ignore it) was saying, “But it snows there!” So today I went to look at a clinic in northern Ohio. Left the parents’ house 45 minutes east of the clinic in sunny weather and drove west into a blizzard that was centered over the clinic I was looking at. In the 45 minutes I was in the clinic I got two inches of snow on my car. It then took me an hour to travel two exits on the interstate. I hit a high speed of 20 miles an hour and the visibility was limited to the taillights in front of me. I had run out of curse words long before this point.

It is a quality of life issue. I’m not moving somewhere where I’m going to want to kill myself 6 months out of year. Just a few hours south and the weather is totally different. I would never survive in Kati’s world. I am hereby freely admitting that I have turned into a wussy girl.

4 Replies to “No North”

  1. LOL Not like I ENJOY the cold & snow!!! I just happened to have married a guy who refuses to live anywhere else!!!! *wink*

    In all fairness, though, I’m sure you can handle much WARMER temperatures than I’m capable of standing. It gets 75 to 80 degrees here, and I’m thinking “Ok, this is perfect, any warmer & I’m going to melt!!!!” (Not the GOOD kind of melting, as in losing fat, the BAD kind of melting.) So, while maybe I can handle the cold, I KNOW you’re much better than I am at handling heat. *wink* We’re all wussies about something.

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