The universe has made it abundantly clear today that it does not want me to move back north. Financially, the choice is a no brainer. The money is better. There is less competition. Housing costs are way lower. But a niggling part of my brain (which was getting louder and louder the more I tried to ignore it) was saying, “But it snows there!” So today I went to look at a clinic in northern Ohio. Left the parents’ house 45 minutes east of the clinic in sunny weather and drove west into a blizzard that was centered over the clinic I was looking at. In the 45 minutes I was in the clinic I got two inches of snow on my car. It then took me an hour to travel two exits on the interstate. I hit a high speed of 20 miles an hour and the visibility was limited to the taillights in front of me. I had run out of curse words long before this point.

It is a quality of life issue. I’m not moving somewhere where I’m going to want to kill myself 6 months out of year. Just a few hours south and the weather is totally different. I would never survive in Kati’s world. I am hereby freely admitting that I have turned into a wussy girl.