I had a meeting yesterday about buying a practice. I really love this practice. I’ve worked there quite often and the staff is the best that I’ve ever worked with. They are very good at what they do and they get along. That is an amazing thing to be able to say about a veterinary office.

The practice is in an affluent part of town and has a nice client base. It is also has a strong holistic practice. I’m not able to do all the modalities that they do there now but the current owner would like to stay on in a limited basis as an employee and he is very excited by the chance to teach me about things like herbal therapies. They also have a strong acupunct*re practice which is something I’ve been interested in learning for a long time. Once I would take the courses to be certified I would already have a thriving business and an experienced mentor in house. It is the ideal situation for me.

The owner likes me because his staff likes me. He also is very concerned that the practice continue on the path that it is on now. He’s had people approach him about buying it before but I’m the first person with the combination of holistic interest and interest in seeing exotic pets. He knows that I’m just not saying this to con him out of his practice because I’m already chiropractic certified and I’ve seen reptiles at his clinic. Other potential buyers have wanted to get rid of the holistic side or get rid of other aspects of the practice that are important to him. If I buy it I’m free to do whatever I want with it of course so he is picky about who he is going to sell to.

I haven’t seen the financial information on it yet since he wasn’t actively pursuing a sale. He’s going to get that together in the next week or so. If that all checks out and I don’t doubt that it will, I think this is a great opportunity.