I knew that November was going to be a slow reading month.  A lot of my reading time is taken up with doing NaNoWriMo.  So far that is going well.  I’m writing a book that I wrote part of previously but then lost it.  This week I’ll run into the part that I haven’t written before and don’t have a great plan for.  I mentioned this to the husband.  I told him that they are about to leave England and go to America in 1790.  He immediately suggested that the crew should throw a pregnant woman overboard so she drowns while in labor.  He’s a cheery fellow.  He said it was my fault for setting the thing in 1790.  He doesn’t understand the appeal of Regency books.

Then the election knocked me for a loop.  All I did for days was read things on Twitter.  With all that, so far this month I’ve only finished two books.  Two books?  Who am I?

November is usually one of my favorite reading months with Nonfiction November going on.  Luckily those weekly prompts have been keeping me in things to blog about.  I do have quite a few books on the go.  Maybe this will be one of those months where I suddenly finish a stack of books all in the course of a few days because I only have a few chapters left in each of them.

I’m currently reading an amazing book.  It was so amazing that when my library wanted it back and I wasn’t completely finished, I ordered a copy for my own self instead of pushing to finish it.  I wanted to be able to take notes and keep it for reference.  It is called Pit Bull by Bronwyn Dickey.  More on that when I finally finish and decide how to review it.  I’ve been posting all kinds of quotes on Litsy.

I have an audiobook about a piano store in Paris almost finished.  I just picked up an interlibrary loan about a prison in Bolivia where tourists could go and stay for months.  That is nonfiction in case you were wondering.  I’m halfway through a book about Mexican drug cartels but it is confusing.  Once I get a handle on who the people are and who is in charge, someone gets killed and I have to figure out the organizational chart all over again.  I guess I sympathize with the investigators in that respect.  I picked up a book on medical diagnosis that I’m partway through.

It is totally short bookish attention span time around here.  I think I’m going to go read a graphic novel I got.  That will count as a finish and maybe spur me on to finishing everything else.

How is your November reading going so far?