Welcome to October 2019 Foodies Read!

This is a monthly link up for books about food.  Reviews of fiction, nonfiction, and cookbooks are welcome!

This month I’m recommending a podcast.  Listen to LeVar Burton reading N.K. Jemisin’s short story Cuisines des Memoires.  This is the story of a restaurant where you can have any meal from any point in time recreated.


Every entry is entered into a monthly drawing to win a gift card.  Once you win a prize you are not eligible to win for 6 months.

We had 31 links in September!  The winner of the drawing for a gift card is Deb for her review of The Food Explorer.

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9 Replies to “October 2019 Foodies Read”

  1. Same blogger, same abuse — more book-less posts that show she just doesn’t care what kind of link party you are sponsoring. Sad. Maybe she’s inconsiderate, maybe stupid. Sadly you also have a spam post advertising keto diets, no books.

    The appropriate links with book reviews are good! Thanks for being host.

    My first comment disappeared, but I’m making a second try.

  2. The same uncaring blogger evidently just doesn’t pay attention to whether her posts fit your link party. She’s returned with more book-less posts! There’s also a spam post advertising keto diets. Some people are just not able to get with your program. Again, the book links are very interesting. Sad that some people are so inconsiderate.

    best… mae

  3. Lots of interlopers this month, Heather. Good content but no foodies reads included and both of them put up several recipes. The joys of running a link up.

  4. I got lucky with my foodie ARC, Lost Feast by Lenore Newman. She’s exploring our history (and possible future) of driving foods we loved to extinction. Eeek!

    I see a The Temporary Bride link! Good unusual memoir 🙂

  5. The book links (and your suggested listening) are all interesting this month. However, one blogger is taking advantage of your nice link party to link book-less recipe posts from her blog (there are 4 or 5 of them here). Sad that she isn’t playing fair with you and your readers.

    Thanks for the interesting posts!
    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  6. The links with books are very good this month. However, you have one participant who has linked around four recipe posts with no books whatsoever — I think she’s taking advantage of your interesting link party to publicize her blog for free. Sad!

    Thanks for the good ideas! best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

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