I’ve been challenging myself to read books written by authors from the Southern Hemisphere this year. I decided that I should read some books by Nalini Singh. She’s from New Zealand. Earlier this year I read a mystery of hers but I decided for this month’s selection that I should try one of her paranormal romances that she’s famous for. Then this happened.

The books themselves are mostly set in California but I’m counting them anyway because I’m making up the rules. I have a co-worker who is following me on Goodreads. She is confused by the naked chests on my feed, I guess. She keeps asking me if these books are spicy. She knows I don’t like sex in my romances. I keep explaining that they are very spicy and that’s why I can read them so quickly. I end up skipping past large sections of the books to get past the sex parts.

I read other stuff too.

It is almost November! November is the best month. It is my birthday and it is the best blogging month. Nonfiction November is on Mondays (officially starting on October 31 because we are rebels.)

SciFi Month is happening in November too. I haven’t read much scifi this year – I’m a fantasy girl at heart – but I’ve been saving up reviews and there are lots of prompts to answer. It’ll be busy around here!