I talked to my homestudy provider yesterday. She promised me that my completed homestudy would be in the mail last week. She’s been avoiding me ever since. She says she’s been sick and promises again that it will be in the mail today. We’ll see.

My mother came down for a few days to quilt on my friend’s long-arm machine. My mother is not the kind of person to just go with the flow and quilt without having a well thought out pattern. I believe I refered to that as “quit being so anal-retentive.” She didn’t argue about the description. I had her quilt my charity quilt first to get the hang of it before she did her project. She was freaking out about the loops she was making not all being the exact same size. I told her to free her mind. Somehow we got through it without killing each other.


The owner of the clinic I work at 3 days a week did a newspaper interview about a cat I treated that died from eating recalled food. He told me that he did it and that he had been being his normal goofy self for about a minute into the interview when he realized that the reporter on the other end of the phone was typing everything he was saying. He said he that probably gave her a really embarrassing quote before he realized that. Fast forward to the next day when the article comes out. The husband goes to the bank to deposit my check from that clinic. The tellers recognize my name and the clinic from the newpaper article and start asking the husband all kinds of questions. Immediately, I’m worried. What fool thing did the clinic owner say about me that was so memorable that total strangers remember my name? I read the article later and it just said that I saw the cat first. Nothing that should have made anyone remember me. Some people just must remember the weirdest stuff!