My CrossFit class was cancelled this morning so I decided to take Freckles for a hike. We are going to do the Fall Hiking Spree in the MetroParks in order to see lots of the trails in the area. We started with the Parcours Trail at Sand Run which is less than a mile from my house. We’ve never been on that trail before.

First off we got educated.


I didn’t know that this used to be the western boundary of the U.S.

At first the trail seems nice.


Then it gets bossy.



I was sort of mocking the exercises because they were side bends and arm circles and things like that until I got here.


All of a sudden it was pull ups and rings and parallel bars.

Freckles was even glad for a chance to sit down and she wasn’t doing the exercises. (Why does she go from being all happy to acting like she’s been beaten whenever a camera comes out?)


It is only 1.4 miles but I was worn out. Contrary to popular belief Ohio (at least this part) is not flat and this was some pretty good hill running. We ran where ever we were told though, except for one 50 yard uphill that even Freckles was like, “Nah…”