Sometimes there are some perks to this vet thing. At the vet convention in August I stopped by the booth for the makers of Ozzie’s bird food. They give free samples so I get as much as they will give me. They want me to give them to potential new customers but I don’t see that many birds so Ozzie eats for free for a while.

Today I got a package. I recognized the logo on the box (a big box!). I told Ozzie that he got mail.


There are 70 samples of bird food. I don’t see 70 birds in a whole year. Ozzie hit the jackpot! If he eats one packet a day I don’t have to buy food for two months. But some of these packets are for big birds and he’s a little bird so I’ll break them up and probably get three months of Ozzie food. Vets don’t get nearly as much free stuff as I hear people doctors do so this has never happened before.