Sometimes I worry about my pets and their problem solving ability. Yesterday I went to Prize’s barn. She and her two buddies were outside in the heavy drizzle. They were unhappy. They were pouty. They had their butts to the rain and their heads down and were feeling quite sorry for themselves.

I would have felt sorry for them if they didn’t have a large overhang that was keeping an area of the pasture perfectly dry. I ended up making Prize come and stand in the dry area. She was thrilled. But the boys stayed out in the rain and pouted. I guess you have to lead a horse OUT of water….

Then there is Riley. He knows that cat food comes from the bag but for the life of him he can’t figure out how. In his world I am his food pourer and I magically extract it from the bag and put it in a bowl. I have left the bag beside the bowl on its side with the top open and he can’t figure out how to get the food even though he can see it. He won’t try to reach it. So last night he was hungry and his food bowl was empty. He decided to make the bag give him food. He decided to accomplish this by hitting the bag until it surrendered. This did not work. It did make me get out of bed and give him food so he would quit boxing in the next room. I guess he probably counts that as a win in his little kitty brain.