Happy Blogtoberfest!

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I’ve never heard of Blogtoberfest until this morning. It is a pledge to post every day in October on any topic my little brain desires. You sign up with Mr. Linky. He’s a seducer is Mr. Linky. I fall for him every time.

October is an interesting month for me. I’m going to the World Equestrian Games next weekend. I plan on taking enough pictures there to fill a whole month of posts.  A few weeks later I’m going to judge a trail ride that includes a costume contest. Photo ops galore. I’m bringing a costume for every day. It is sort of hard to think up costumes that are cool but also mobile enough to be able to work around horses while wearing.

My big news of the day is that I’m now officially enrolled in acupuncture class starting in January. I’ve been wanting to do this for years but it is expensive. I finally found a way to work it all out. Now I’m going to have to get smart. I signed up for the mixed animal track. That’s dogs, cats, horses, and exotics. There is a small animal option and a horse only option but no. I decided to be complicated. Luckily Prize and her buddies are a bunch of invalids so I have two foundered horses, a horse with navicular disease, and a horse with severe arthritis to practice on. Now I just need to find some busted up dogs that I have easy access to in order to practice.