By this morning the soreness in my chest and back was mostly gone but if I’m laying down I still can’t sit up without rolling over first. Today was shoulders, biceps, and triceps followed by AbRipperX again.

Again I was doing this with resistance bands since I was doing it at home. This was a problem. I’ll be fine when I take this routine to the gym and do it with free weights. But, my shoulders are my weakest spot so I had a very hard time finding a place on the band where I had tension through the whole exercise but not so much tension that I couldn’t complete the range of motion.

Overall the workout wasn’t bad except for the times when using the band would frustrate me. This is one that definitely will be better in the gym also.

I worked through the ab stuff sort of. Remember that I can’t sit up because of the soreness from the last time? How am I supposed to do sit ups? I did what I could. Let’s leave it at that.

Tomorrow is yoga X. I’m excited about that. I’m probably wrong to be excited about that. I have a feeling that they are going to make yoga hurt.