I woke up this morning feeling fine. (Oh crap, I wrote that without thinking. The last time I discussed that band I got nasty emails from the lead singer. Freaky.) Anyway, my arms only hurt a little which I attribute to my problem with the bands and not my intrinsically tough arm muscles.

Today was yoga day. I like yoga. I do yoga for fun. So, why was this the only workout so far that made me want to quit? It was 1.5 hours long. The first part was flow yoga. I’m not used to that so that was hard for me. That was followed by balances. I skipped the arm balances. I’m not strong enough for that. Then there were static stretches. Wore me right out. I think not knowing what was coming next was the mentally hard part. When I was in the flow part and the timer said there were 45 minutes left, I wanted to quit. But, it got better.

Oh, and my not-sore arms? In warrior two my biceps decided they really sort of did hurt.