Whenever I am working on eating clean I end up packing up vast quantities of food when I leave the house. For some reason I’m fairly certain that I’m going to staaaaaaaaarve and since I can’t run to a fast food place I will never, never have enough food again. This has never happened in case you are wondering. If it did, I have enough fat on me to last for a sufficient time. There is no need for me to go all Scarlet O’Hara.

Anyway, I usually have some snacking food with me in case. For a while I carried around a bag of carrots and cherries with me last summer like a security blanket. I never ate them but I felt better having them.

I’ve moved on to keeping Lara Bars in my purse. I like the peanut butter and jelly and the blueberry muffin ones. They are made with just dates and berries and nuts.

This is what I packed this morning to take to work.

There is an apple, an orange, a bag of carrots, and my lunch (rice, beans, salsa). I have the bars too. I packed this much because I didn’t trust my breakfast. I had oatmeal with an entire apple chopped up mixed into it along with some applesauce and cinnamon stirred in. Oatmeal never fills me up but this did good. I’ve had a few carrots mostly out of boredom because we are slow at work and they are sitting here.