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Aspirational Jeans

I discovered a dangerous website.  It is called ThredUp.  Have you seen this?  It is an online thrift store.  The really dangerous part is that you can filter your search to designer brands.  That’s how crazy cheap hardcore of a thrift shopper I am. If I’m going to pay $20 for something I want the merchandise to be amazing.

I ordered some designer jeans.  I never heard of the brand but they retailed for over $130 dollars new.  I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around paying that much for a pair of jeans.  Of course, until I became horseless a few years ago jeans were what you wore to clean stalls so why would you pay big bucks for them?  I just wanted to try on some fancy jeans so I ordered a few pairs.  I figured I could always return them.

I put on the first pair and suddenly understood the appeal.  I looked in the mirror and thought, “These jeans make me look like I lift!”  I do lift so I don’t think it is all the jeans doing but my butt doesn’t look all squat-defined in my cheap jeans.  I figure that when you are over 40 if your butt is just in its normal place and not all saggy then your squats are doing a magnificent job and let’s not get greedy.  These jeans close but are just a bit too tight to be worn out in public.  So these are going to be my goal jeans.

I didn’t have a firmly defined goal when I signed up to blog for the Engine 2 diet this month.  Now I do.  I want to wear these jeans comfortably in public.

I have another pair of the same brand in the same size that I can’t zip.  Ah, the insanity of women’s sizing!  I’m keeping them though because the first pair is amazing.  These will be my aspirational jeans.  I want to fit into them too.



  • Satia

    Heather, I’d never heard of the site and I looked at it. I immediately found a skirt that is my style and only $28 for silk? Can’t beat that. Only, I’m not shopping right now. But I know where I can go to sell things when I’m ready to start selling off my extra clothes. Thanks!

  • Lydia

    That’s an awesome goal and now I want to check that site out! I didn’t think I’d lose any because I was counting calories before I started but I’ve lost a little over a pound already which is crazy.(Trust me,it’s fine I’m not complaining,lol.) Here’s to our engine 2 journey going well.:)

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