About a month ago I posted a rant about Christian charities only supporting other Christians. Since then I found out about Goddess Moon Circles Helping and Warming Program. This is a pagan-run program that supports organizations who support charities that do not require a statement of faith of any kind before providing aid.

What does that mean? I used to volunteer at a homeless shelter that required people to sit through a church service before they could have a bed for the night. That would be a no-no.

So in the spirit of put up or shut up I’ve decided to get involved with this organization. I even made a quick website. I’ve identified a few charities around here that fit the criteria. That was hard. There aren’t a lot of charities around here at all.

My goal is to give donations during each of the eight pagan holidays, starting with Samhain. I’ve always been annoyed with people who only give during December. This will nicely space donations out and give me a deadline. I need deadlines or I put things off.

I’m going to send out information to as many pagan groups in Ohio as I can find. I’m concentrating on collecting quilts, afghans, warm clothes, and toiletries. The charities I’m looking at are a domestic violence shelter and a group that takes supplies to homeless people. It depends on what I get in.

I’m going to use most of my quilt UFOs for donations. Out of the blue yesterday someone I work with said she was given a bunch of quilt blocks and wanted to know if I had any use for them. I’m going to snap those up. I’m also working on learning to knit again. I’m making a scarf. I’m slow though so that may take a while. Donations from faster knitters would be much appreciated.

During our purge of our house I collected up a bunch of clothes to donate too.

I hope to be able to get a few people donating but if it is just me making a quilt or two for each holiday that will be ok. Charity begins at home right?