I’ve been having some knee pain under weird circumstances, like when I bend it repeatedly when it is not bearing weight. It is a sign of what a freak I truly am that my first thought was that I should get some acupuncture on it. I did xray it myself and it looks fine and I asked the doctor yesterday at my adoption physical about it. She said it was tendonitis and that there was nothing but pain meds that she could do for it. Today I had my first acupuncture session.

I like acupuncture. Lots of needles around the knee and a heat lamp put on it and then I lay there for a half hour and nap. But my knee feels weird now. It is a different weird than before. The pain that took me there is gone but it seems like the knee is loosening for the want of a better word. Now I have the weird pains that come with a joint changing the way it is functioning. I have another session next week.