At Prize’s barn there is a gelding who is an escape artist. He figured out how to reach out the opening in the grill in the front of his stall, grab the latch of the stall on his right and open that door. Than he’d go to the back of his stall and open his dutch doors to the paddock. He’d go outside, open the next stall’s dutch doors and let out the Haflinger who lived there. He’d go in the stall and open up the interior door that he’d already unlatched and then he’d be free in the barn to get into trouble. To stop this his dutch door was tied shut.

When some boarders moved the owners took the opportunity to shuffle stall assignments. This gelding was moved to a stall with no dutch door and no stall on his right so he couldn’t open anything from inside his stall. Problem solved, right? One little hitch – guess who’s in the stall to his left? Yep, Prize – quite a little criminal mastermind herself.

It took about two months for them to recognize each other as kindred spirits and hatch a plan. (How do horses communicate complex ideas to each other?) Now Prize reaches out her feed door and unlatches his door. He opens the unlocked door and then returns the favor by letting her out. Voila! Twice the havoc ensues in half the time.
So he’s got his stall door locked again. I’m sure Prize is actively trying to figure out how to pick locks! I’m going to start calling them Bonnie and Clyde.