I’ve been on the Weight Watchers diet for one week. I thought I was doing well based on how my pants fit. I had a pair of size 16 pants left from my previous high weight. I saved it in case I needed something baggy. Suddenly they were fitting way too well. I was still wearing my size 14 pants – but only the ones with stretch. I wear sweats mostly at home. I was starting remind myself of a diet ad I saw that asked, “Are you telling yourself that you wear sweats all the time because you have a casual style?” Yep, that’s me.

In the last week I’ve been able to put jeans on more easily. I haven’t had the nerve to try the nonstretchy jeans yet. Today was my first weigh in day. Last week (on a different scale) I was 201. Today I was 196.1. Yeah!

My diet hasn’t really changed all that much. The main change is no drivethroughs. We are a bit strange at home. We like to pig out when we watch movies but our spread is not the typical chips and popcorn. We have dates, grapes, sunflower seeds, nuts, and oranges. We can pig out and still be healthy.

I like losing weight on the first week since it encourages me to keep going!