I’m having a personal day. Don’t tell.

My grandfather died yesterday and I didn’t know the details of the services yet when I left work so I decided to take the whole rest of the week off. I have to travel and I figured on a maybe three days of festivities. My family is nothing if not efficient so they are only doing two days of activities so I don’t need to be there for a while. I could go to work today and tomorrow. But I’m not. I felt bad about that last night.

I’ve gotten over it.


We have ice. It took me an hour yesterday to get my car thawed out. Then we got more ice last night. I’m sure no one is bringing their dog to the vet. I won’t be missed. Besides, I’m working a gazillion hours more than I want to be. I worked all the way through being sick. We were about to get another vet in and then that temporarily fell apart. I deserve some days off. They are unpaid but so worth it.

So what am I doing?

I started watching Torchwood on Netflix. I’ve gotten into Doctor Who and this is a spin off so I’m practically morally obligated to watch it.

I’m cooking. I got a bunch of soup mixes from Purely American through Groupon. I’m a new convert to Groupon. Everyday you get an email about something you can buy cheap. You don’t have to do it and mostly I don’t but I have gotten a 1/2 price AAA membership, 4 passes for the price of 2 to a local waterpark, and these soup mixes.


I was a bit worried about buying them. The website doesn’t list the ingredients. With a vegetarian and a person with food allergies in the house I don’t like buying things when I don’t know all the ingredients. Vegetarian looking soup mixes at the store tend to have things like chicken fat in them. But these turned out to be ok. I ended up getting four kinds and a cornbread mix. Right now I’m making Anasazi Stew and a Minestrone Soup. Just because they are mixes doesn’t mean they go together fast. These ones I’m making now needed the beans soaked overnight, then hours of cooking, and then they recommend refrigerating them overnight. They say that they freeze well so I went to the store (yeah, in the ice storm. I’m from the great frozen north. It doesn’t bother me.) to get freezing containers and some of the extra veggies that are required. They also use some red wine. I don’t have that on hand. They recommend Chianti but I get a bit weirded out when someone recommends adding Chianti to a bean dish…. I bought different stuff. I got the classy stuff in the little bottles with screw tops so I don’t have to figure out the corkscrew because I’m high falutin’ like that.

I’m also keeping an eye on Freckles. I mentioned that she irked a dog at the dog park. Turns out that she got bit. I’m assuming that it was that dog but she has two puncture wounds on her neck so it would be totally remiss of me not to watch her closely in case she turns into a vampire. I’m not sure how I’d tell. She already sleeps all day and likes meat. I hope she doesn’t end up like the dogs in I AM LEGEND. That would be most sad. I can’t listen to “Three Little Birds” anymore without thinking about strangling a dog.

I think I watch way too many scary movies.